Green Line Extension Pre-Construction Survey

Purpose of Work: Capture conditions of homes and businesses along the alignment to ensure no adverse structural impacts are caused by construction.

Approach: Document conditions in the ROW first, beginning April 16, 2018. In late April/early May begin notifying homeowners and requesting access to their properties (inside & out) to perform visual, video, and photographic survey of structures. Notification process will be ongoing throughout 2018 into 2019. Like the tree clearing work, the survey will start on the east side of alignment and will progress from north to south. Once the east side is complete, will will repeat the process on the west side, expected to take place through August 2019.

We will be completing surveys from north to south, a more detailed schedule of when we will be in your neighborhood is provided below LINK TO SCHEDULE,

Duration: Surveys will take approximately one hour to complete per property. Work will continue throughout 2018. CLICK HERE TO LET US KNOW WHEN YOU CAN HAVE A SURVEY DONE

Impacts: Some time involved on the part of homeowners to allow for property access and coordination, etc.

Benefits: Homeowners will receive a report of the survey results. This operation will help to ensure that any potential impacts to properties from construction are captured.

Areas impacted in next two weeks: Homeowners on the east side of the MBTA right of way will start to receive certified letters from PEER Consultants.

PEER Consultants, P.C.:

PEER Consultants, P.C. has been selected as the subcontractor to complete the Pre-Construction Survey. PEER, is a full-service environmental engineering consulting firm, provides personalized service to our valuable clients, fosters and maintains long-term partnerships, and hires passionate and diverse team members. PEER’s Massachusetts office is located in Burlington, MA. To find out more visit peercpc.com.

What to expect:

A PEER Consultants crew of two (2) surveyors will request a signature prior to conducting a survey. Once permission has been obtained the surveyors will complete a walkthrough of the interior and exterior of your property and collect photos, videos and notes of the existing conditions. Following the survey, a copy of the report will be provided to the owner.


The survey will be conducted from North to South. Below is the approximate timetable for which PEER will be visiting each neighborhood:

Winthrop Street, Medford to Harvard Street, Medford  COMPLETE
Harvard Street, Medford to Central Street, Medford  January through March 2019
Central Street, Somerville to Washington Street, Somerville  March -May 2019
Washington Street, Somerville to Charlestown Ave, Cambridge  Spring 2019
McGrath Highway to Union Square Summer 2010